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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Stronger Together: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at NC State

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Stronger Together: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at NC State

NC State University is committed to continuing to create a welcoming campus environment that supports every student who wants to learn here. Our faculty and staff know how important it is to empower each member of the Pack to be their most authentic selves and encourage all of our students to pursue their boldest dreams. Everyone has something unique to offer this world, and we’re in the business of making those individual paths possible.

This week, in honor of Giving Tuesday, we’re shining a light on scholarships, programs and other initiatives that promote these beliefs and advance diversity, equity and inclusion across the university. Giving Tuesday is an international celebration that inspires a spirit of giving back to causes that are meaningful to you. These areas are critical to our campus year-round, and now is a great time to start your support of such important initiatives. 

Take a peek at the descriptions below to learn more about the different ways you can join the Pack in creating a better campus community for all of us. Meaningful gifts lead to meaningful impact. Make a gift to the area you’re passionate about today. 

Diversity and Equity Fund

Help the Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity create an inclusive, accessible and diverse intellectual and cultural campus experience at NC State. Our African American Cultural Center, GLBT Center, Multicultural Student Affairs, Women's Center, Equal Opportunity and Equity office, and Diversity Engagement, Training and Education unit work together to provide a unified, campuswide approach ensuring that students, faculty and staff learn and work within a campus defined by the best practices in equity, diversity and inclusion.

African American Cultural Center Enrichment Fund 

The African American Cultural Center is a place of care and a home away from home. The center is designed to help students by providing a supportive space, boosting student retention and helping them experience positive post-college outcomes. Your gift supports strategic programs that align with educational values across disciplines, helps the center build relationships throughout campus and allows us to provide immediate responses and resources for students' critical needs. Furthermore, your contributions help maintain the African American Cultural Center facilities and preserve the legacy of Augustus Witherspoon, for whom our building is named.

Friends of the Women's Center 

The Women's Center is committed to building a community of authentic and engaged allies and leaders to pursue gender equity and social justice, and to enhancing the campus climate through education, advocacy, support and leadership development. By giving to the Friends of the Women's Center, you are helping us provide support for programming, resources and materials used by students in the Women's Center and across the campus community. This includes resources for the Women's Center library, student travel to national conferences and keynote speakers for awareness months.

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Center

The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Center is committed to pursuing equity in resources and to the personal and professional development of our students, faculty, staff and alumni. In giving to the GLBT Center, you will help us bring in renowned speakers, provide students with opportunities to participate in local and national conferences, and fund alumni gatherings.

Multicultural Student Affairs Enhancement Fund

The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs is committed to enhancing the success of underrepresented and underserved students through advocacy, community-building efforts and leadership development. Through impactful and intersectional programming, we also increase campus awareness around issues of diversity, equity and inclusion while affirming and celebrating the identities of the students we serve. Giving to this fund enriches our peer mentoring initiative, supports dynamic campus programming and supports students through leadership development and conference opportunities. 

A.M. Witherspoon Graduate Scholarship

In July 1990, the A.M. Witherspoon Graduate Scholarship was established. Each year, this scholarship is awarded to a second-year graduate student who has demonstrated experience in or a commitment to working with the African American community.

Dr. Thomas E.H. Conway Jr. Scholarship Endowment

Distributions from this fund will provide scholarships for undergraduate students, with a preference for students who have demonstrated experience in or a commitment to working with the Black and African American community. 

Latinx Alumni Network Scholarship

This scholarship provides support for students who demonstrate dedication and commitment to the Latinx community at NC State.

Lawrence M. Clark Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship

Originally created in July 1985, this scholarship was renamed the Lawrence M. Clark Memorial Scholarship in honor of the distinguished professor in 2012. Each year, this scholarship is awarded to students who have demonstrated experience in or a commitment to working with the African American community. 

One Park One Pack: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Fund

This fund promotes diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives within and beyond the Park Scholarships program. It supports the development and expansion of DEI projects, training and programming that build and nurture essential skills and competencies in Park Scholars.

Division of Academic and Student Affairs Diversity Leadership Fund

The Division of Academic and Student Affairs Diversity Leadership Fund supports efforts to make NC State more diverse, equitable and inclusive. The fund will support DASA programs, trainings and events that create open and welcoming environments for the NC State community.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Diversity Programs Fund

Your gift will support the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Office of Diversity and Inclusion in building an environment where every student, faculty and staff member can reach their full potential. The CALS Office of Diversity and Inclusion intentionally invites, embraces and promotes inclusion by engaging individuals from all social, cultural and community backgrounds.

College of Design Diversity Initiative Fund

The College of Design Diversity Initiative Fund supports efforts to promote diversity, equity and inclusion within the college through K-12 outreach, student programs, project grants for underserved students, visiting lectures, and student and faculty recruitment.

College of Sciences Diversity Program Endowment

The College of Sciences Diversity Program Endowment meets a critical need for permanent funding for diversity initiatives. 

This endowment helps fund diversity and inclusion programs and services, including recruitment events for underrepresented students, career panels, student club activities, and professional development and leadership workshops.

College of Natural Resources Community for Diversity Enhancement

The College of Natural Resources is committed to creating an environment where diversity and inclusion are celebrated and valued. This fund supports activities to promote diversity and inclusion education, increase diversity within our community and bring people together to learn, grow and create as a team.

College of Education Darla Buchanan Scholarship

The Darla Buchanan Scholarship addresses two critical needs in education: diversifying the teaching population, and helping students with financial need to become teachers. This College of Education scholarship honors the legacy of Darla Buchanan — one of the first African American teachers fired due to backlash against school integration, in 1954 — by providing scholarship support to aspiring teachers.

Poole Diversity Leadership Fund

The Poole College of Management’s Diversity Leadership Fund supports the college's commitment to creating a culture where diversity thrives and inclusivity is fostered through creating new spaces, ongoing and expanded identity-affirming events, and identity development programming. 

Textiles Diversity and Inclusion Fund

The Textiles Diversity and Inclusion Fund was developed to support culture-building initiatives that promote equity and opportunity among students, faculty and staff in the Wilson College of Textiles.

Tracy Hanner DVM Scholarship Endowment

The Tracy Hanner DVM Scholarship Endowment supports underrepresented minority veterinary students and the College of Veterinary Medicine’s ongoing, ever-evolving efforts to encourage inclusion at the college and in veterinary medicine. 

College of Humanities and Social Sciences Undergraduate Recruitment and Retention for Diversity

This fund will provide tuition scholarships, awards for high-impact experiences and academic and professional development support to underrepresented students enrolled in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. 

Women and Minority Engineering Program Fund

The Women and Minority Engineering Program Fund focuses on ensuring a diverse student body in the College of Engineering by providing community building and engagement, academic support, professional development and inclusive activities.

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